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New airport Islamabad a project plan since 1984, Near to Completion

New Islamabad International Airport

Twenty kilometers to the west from the center point (i.e zero point) of Islamabad, is the new Islamabad airport which comes in the District of Attock and in the area of Fateh Jung. The Kashmir highway shall be the main connecting road to the Islamabad which has already been expanded as a ten-lane road. Furthermore, the Islamabad metro structure has also been developed and shall be a substitute way to the new airport. New airport is situated near to the twin cities, so the GT road shall be connecting the Rawalpindi locality to the new airport. There have also been some good plans by the government regarding the new airport facilities out of which the most important and famous is ring road.

The proposal and location of this new airport had been decided and acted upon in 1984 and land purchasing was started for the new airport in the same year. But the initiative was taken by the former President of Pakistan Mr. Pervaiz Mussharaf in the year 2007, to give the twin cities a more enhanced and better airport due to the rising number of passengers travelling to and from the country. Meanwhile, the project had been into many difficulties, like, arrangement of resources outside the twin cities, infrastructure and water and sometimes technical faults. According to the media reports this project had already crossed the budget by hundred billion Paksitani rupees.  Last year, August 2016 it was announced that the project shall be delivered for its regular use but unfortunately this date was extended for a year.

Recently, it has been announced by the government that the project shall be delivered in August 2017 and according to the reports about ninety percent of the project is complete. This project shall be having more enhanced facilities from the standard old airport of Islamabad (i.e. Benazir Bhutto Airport) like greenfield, metro services, hotels, duty free shops, more number immigration counters and a capability to handle the A380 airbuses of the airlines, which will help to improve services and help raising the standard of services for the customers.

Meanwhile, the lands and areas near to the airport had been purchased by some local societies. Most of the societies got the NOC from Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) to build different housing schemes in the vicinity of the new airport. But there was a less interest shown in these society since last many years due to the delays in the delivery of the new airport. But from last one year, development work in these societies has been quickly done and many societies made their projects ready which raised the rates of the property in this zone of Islamabad.





27, July 2017