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Own Homes in Dha Islamabad

Own Home, Everyone’s Dream

This article will help you in making your dreams come true in finding your desired property in the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad.

The second most beautiful capital of 2016, Islamabad is one of the most desirable places in Pakistan to live in. What makes it so desirable is its beautiful weather, parks and green fields, modern markets, shopping malls and margalla hills. On the other side, it is one of cities which are planned and build, so the road structures, parking areas, traffic controls is not one of the common problems of this capital city which differentiate it from rest of big countries capitals.

Islamabad property structure

There are two authorities currently working and developing in the capital territory of Pakistan.

Both CDA and DHA has got their own by-laws passed by the national assembly of Pakistan for the development in the city.

CDA, was the first and main development authority passed by the government to take care of all the development activities in the city. CDA uniquely build its projects in alphabetic sectors namely, G sectors, F sectors, I and H sectors and blue area. CDA sectors are surrounded to the zero point of Islamabad which is also called the center point of the city.

DHA, came after CDA in the city as an authority but with a new and modern living standards. DHA’s style of doing work was different from CDA and they worked on their project in phases and they call their projects in numeric form like DHA phase 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. In every phase there are alphabetic sectors, for example DHA phase 2 Islamabad has Sector A to J in it.


Bahria town had started its first project of Islamabad and delivered its phase 1 to 6 to its clients in 1999 to 2000 as a society passed by CDA. This project was really appreciated by the clients because of its differentiated services and unique engineering designs. Bahria town gave a new concept of societies to the capital city. After that many societies rose and got NOC from the CDA namely PWD society, Soan Gardens, Police foundation, Doctor’s colony and Gulberg. Lots of clients came to these societies due to its competitive rates.

Where to get Your home?

They clients of Islamabad are now saturated and can be identified into two categories i.e CDA clients and out of CDA sectors clients.

Rates Analysis for CDA clients

The older sectors of CDA are at its maturity prices for example F 7, F 6, F 8, F 10, F 11, E 11 are at the top of the list, where old construction houses cost you more than Rs. 30 Million and reaches to Rs. 100 to 150 Million. If you are a client of class and luxury and close to the nature and natural views, living with lush green mountains will be the best place to select.

On the other hand, CDA recently launched some new projects like I 16, G 13, G 14 and D series sectors which are a little lower in prices than the older sectors but it can be seen that the development work in these areas is really of lower quality like road carpeting and infrastructures.  These areas are also at some good and prime locations of Islamabad and people took interest in these areas but rates didn’t go that much higher as compared to the other sector of CDA. The Price range starts in these sectors from Rs. 4 Million to Rs. 30 Million in the developed areas depending upon the location of the plots. (These rates are not exact and are point to change with the passage of time, for further information you can contact us online or call our team of experts).

Non CDA clients

Non CDA clients are divided into DHA and different societies.

Rates Analysis for Non CDA clients

DHA Islamabad, is one of the famous areas from its start due to its good management and provision of services. DHA also introduced a mix of standard and luxury livings and one of its success points is its architectures who introduced modern design houses and buildings. The rates starts in developed areas of Dha with Rs. 70 Million and reaches to the Rs. 30 Million, whereas the beautiful houses for sale in Dha starts from Rs. 14 Million plus range to Rs. 50 Million plus depends upon location and areas. (These rates are not exact and are point to change with the passage of time, for further information you can contact us online or call our team of experts).

Bahria Town

After the success of its phase 1 to 6 bahira has grown dramatically and almost about fifty projects has been planned and delivered by the society. Bahira town is known for its vast range of projects in which almost all of the client range can fit in. Most of the clients are becoming loyal to bahira projects and making investments in it. Most famous projects are, Bahria Phase one to six, Bahira phase 7, Bahria phase 8, Bharia enclave, Bahira hamlet, Bahira Residencia and Awami villas.


Depending upon your budget and priorities you can get your own house or plot in CDA or non CDA sectors. You can be a traditional CDA client and invest in CDA old and new projects. On the other hand, you can get into differentiated project, with uniqueness and modernized constructions. As overall, the prices in all areas of Islamabad are rising and getting towards the stability.

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