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DHA Valley Islamabad is a project of DHA-I, which is located in zone 5 of Islamabad i.e next to DHA phase 2 extension. Dha valley was launched in year 2008 and was offered with a plan of 12 quarterly installments for five and eight marla files, in twenty residential blocks.

DHA Valley Islamabad is one of the projects of DHA-I in Islamabad, for low income people wanted to have a quality living. DHA Valley Islamabad has twenty blocks named, Bluebell, Bogenvelia, Daffodils, Daisy, Eglintine, Gloxinia, Iris, Jasmine, Lavender, Lily, Lotus, Magnolia, Marigold, Oleander, Rose, Snowdrop, Sunflower, Tulip, Zinnia and DHA Homes.

Files Available in DHA Valley Islamabad

As DHA Valley Islamabad has not completed its development of its sites in all of its twenty residential blocks, so currently the clients can buy plot files.

DHA Valley offers following investing opportunities to its clients in DHA Valley as,

  1. Five and Eight Marla Residential files

DHA has offered five and eight marla residential files in almost all of its twenty residential blocks of DHA Valley Islamabad. At its launch, these files were available on installments but today in 2019, these files are only available on cash basis, sometimes with some profit money and some times on loss of total payments. The total payment for a five marla file in any block is PKR 6,55,000 and for eight marla the total payment of twelve installments is PKR 8,88,000 and the payment schedule was as follows,

  1. Commercial plot files

DHA has offered four and eight marla commercial plots in all of the twenty blocks. These commercials are designed to meet the requirement of its residents shall be living in DHA Valley.

  1. DHA Homes

This section was launched by DHA for those members who wanted to have a hassle-free living in DHA Valley Islamabad. These houses were also in the sizes of five and eight marla, whereas, five marla houses were constructed as single-story house and eight marla houses were constructed in double story houses.

Recently, DHA has given possession to some of the homes and few are on the go to be given a possession.


The proposed location of DHA Valley Islamabad is after DHA Phase five and adjacent to DHA Phase 2 extension and can be accessed from two sides, kalar saydan road and from Dha Phase 5.

Current situation

In December 2018, DHA-I had done balloting of Bluebell, Oleander, Lilly, Daffodils, Rose, Sunflower, Magnolia, Bogenvelia blocks. Currently two types of files are being trading in the market of balloted block, balloted and general files. The rates in these blocks have not raised too much in the market due to the non-possession.

Whereas, all the open files shall now be transferred to the names of the purchaser. On the other hand, rest of the blocks are still traded as open and transferable files. Furthermore, DHA-I has implemented development charges on five and eight marla plots, PKR 4,25,000 for eight marla and 3,25,000 for five marla plots. DHA-I also provided the option of installments of these development charges to the purchaser payable till 2021.

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